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October 07 Businessexcellence 89 Science and Research category, for its ongoing CoQ-10 clinical studies; the journal also awarded its Product Merit Award for two of Jarrow’s new products, MK-7 (Menaquinone-7), an enhanced bioactive form of vitamin K and Pressure Optimizer, as well as a supplement that supports proper blood pressure regulation. In addition, Jarrow brought home a 2005 Vity Award for Bone-Up, the fourth consecutive year that Jarrow Formulas won in the Bone Support category. Most recently, Jarrow received Frost & Sullivan’s 2006 Product Line Leadership of the Year Award for offering the most comprehensive and innovative product portfolio across all health categories in dietary supplements. Frost & Sullivan presents this award each year to a deserving company that has demonstrated the most insight into customer needs and product demands. Jarrow was chosen for its proven ability to offer competitive products while answering the call for price, performance, and feature points by the market. “We have the premier product development team in the industry,” said Mark Becker, director advertising/communications for Jarrow Formulas, in response to the award. “Jarrow Rogovin (president), Sid Shastri, MSc. (VP, product development), Peilin Guo, MS, RD (VP, functional foods), Dallas Clouatre, PhD (consultant), and Kevin Connolly, PhD (director, scientifi c affairs) understand today’s pressing health issues. And they work very closely with researchers and leaders in the scientifi c community worldwide to bring the most innovative products to the marketplace.” JarrowFormulas Indena is a leading company dedicated to the identifi cation, development and production of active principles derived from medicinal plants, serving the pharmaceutical, health-food and cosmetics industries. Indena, a privately owned Italian company, employs around 700 employees, including 10 percent dedicated to full-time research. Indena manages cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution operations in over 40 countries throughout the world. Indena USA, Inc.

90 Businessexcellence September 07 During its 65-year history, Boyle Engineering has developed a reputation for being solid, reliable engineers with deep expertise in the areas of water, wastewater, and transportation infrastructure, both in its home state of California and in Florida, where it had expanded through acquisition. Further growth proved diffi cult, however, until 2004, when Boyle brought Phil Petrocelli, who was already serving as an outside board member, into the role of CEO and president. Petrocelli had experience with improving companies in the industry as well as helping NationsRent recover from the post-9/11 downturn. He began with a listening tour to the fi rm’s offi ces in California, Florida, Colorado, and New Mexico, meeting as many employees and clients as possible to identify common themes that would be the foundation of future improvement. He developed a sense of the fi rm that was epitomized in a conversation with a former Boyle employee who was now an occasional client. “He said we did a great job all the time. But he said if there was a party, some fi rms would be mingling and our guys would be in the corner, talking about how to do a better job,” Petrocelli recalls. “He said we needed to be seen and heard from more often.” That helped form the fi ve-pronged strategic plan to help revive Boyle. Three years later, things are on track, with revenue up 56 percent, including an acquisition in 2006, and on pace to expand 16 percent with internal growth this year. Most of the growth has been organic, though Boyle has adopted a policy of seeking acquisitions that make sense to grow its geographic footprint and has averaged one acquisition each year. To get Boyle noticed more, Petrocelli put a business development person in some key offi ces, including San Diego and central Florida. Within six to 12 months, those offi ces were beginning to win considerable new work and more business development people have been added since with still more on the way. Having regions where Boyle is a major player is a key part of another long-term goal—recruiting President and CEO Phil Petrocelli tells Keith Regan about Boyle Engineering’s fi ve point strategic plan for growth, which includes making more noise in the marketplace Seen and heard