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96 Businessexcellence October 07 size they like. We’re confi dent about the way we’ve generated those targets, and Rio Tinto, with its global knowledge, is pleased to work with us and continue to move ahead with the targets we identifi ed.” Lulin is using Quebec as a platform, a showcase to demonstrate how accurate this method can be. So far he has developed a province-scale target map for gold, for uranium and another for nickel. Target follow-up work brought positive results with the discoveries of many new mineralized occurrences, sometimes almost right away. This clearly indicates that the method works and may lead, at one point, to a “true major discovery”. It’s diffi cult to estimate how much buzz Azimut is creating within the mining industry. Certainly it’s being closely watched in Quebec, and Lulin hopes to attract the attention of the larger players, those with mineral rights over a wider, perhaps global, geographic spread. Azimut is a publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange Venture and reports regularly on its progress. Until recently it was literally a one-man operation; now Lulin has added two other senior experts with global experience—Normand Champigny, formerly head of mining industry services with IBM Business Consulting Services, and Sylvain Gérard, formerly the exploration manager for Barrick Gold in Peru. As Lulin puts it, “the combination of using a sophisticated algorithm plus good old fashioned, practical know-how should undoubtedly produce substantially better results.” He does not intend to patent the technology, which would necessitate publishing and therefore disclosing it, but he has granted an exclusive license to Azimut. Despite being a miniscule-size company, by market cap defi nition a junior in the Canadian mining industry, “we think like a major player, and we are defi ning our own way.” AzimutExploration

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