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September 07 Businessexcellence 65 income side of the pro-forma.” Green building refers to the environmental, recycling and sustainable. IMC has individuals on staff both LEED accredited and Green Advantage, a prominent green building training program. “The earlier perception was that it was much more expensive to build greener, but we’ve found in certain situations that if your people are trained to look at recycled materials, for example, you can save money, so ultimately it’s less expensive than the perception.” Tracking the design/development process is available “for clients who may not have that sophistication in-house; we track all of our activities as well as theirs, which they can access anytime. Tenant management depends on the client and their level of expertise or staff; if they require tenant coordination, IMC can supplement it.” IMC is in the process of moving to expanded offi ces, having outgrown its current ones, which will give employees more room, and ultimately more career opportunities. “We know that part of our success has been our focus on keeping our employees long-term, and growing the business not necessarily for the bottom line, but to provide opportunity to our people, so they’ll want to stay here. The number of partners at IMC has grown from two to eight, and we anticipate expanding it even more, perhaps adding offi ces in other cities.” IMC’s future looks extremely positive. Diversity has allowed it to weather some signifi cant economic storms, such as after 9/11, when certain markets declined and others held on. The rumblings of an economic downturn in the next few years are out there, but IMC’s more active, aggressive clients have a number of projects in the pipeline, especially in healthcare, private education, and retail, the company’s fastestgrowing sectors. IMC Construction