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Businessexcellence September 07 80 hundred-million shares where the stock price will never increase.” Being a young company, Century is still digesting its acquisitions, such as San Juan, a huge property, and Sigma-Lamaque, which she thinks will run for the next 20 years. “Strategically we need to put some longer-term plans into place and get our arms around where we’re going and how we’re going to develop the underground mining, with ramps and shafts and so on. I think we’re in the most robust metal market I’ve ever seen, which will continue for years.” She predicts if the market price of gold dips below $550 an ounce, those occasions will be brief. Her advice to investors looking at intermediate gold mining companies: “Choose management with a proven track record, and be prepared to wait a few years.” of production, for 2008 about 140,000 ounces, and by the end of 2009 up to 375,000 with Peru’s Shahuindo mine in production. Shahuindo is now in litigation that Century forced after purchasing a controlling interest, and if it wins the legal battle, it reaps two million ounces of reserves for $31 million, which she calls “the steal of a lifetime; worst case scenario is a negotiated deal. One way or another, Century will win from this deal. You can drill your brains out with millions of dollars and find whatever, or fight it out in court and end up with some good assets. This industry overall has become such a pump and dump business, dictated mostly by private equity firms that want immediate results. Century operates real mines that produce real gold, we don’t mine investors. We don’t aim to get the share price to a dollar, for example, when all the principals sell out and the stock drops to a dime. We don’t issue three or four Century Mining

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