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May 07 Businessexcellence Butler Animal Health Supply 43 Butler Animal Health Supply, the recently launched super-distributor, harnesses the varied strengths of its predecessors to grab the animal health supply industry’s top position In July 2005, two major players in the animal health supply industry, The Butler Company and Burns Veterinary Supply, joined forces to create a US distributor with major staying power. Butler Animal Health Supply, LLC, based in Dublin, Ohio, is now one of the largest distributors of animal health products in the country, serving nearly 30,000 veterinary clinics in all 50 states. From its 24 distribution centers and 11 telecenters, Butler Animal Health Supply is able to distribute more than 15,000 products from more than 300 manufacturers. “We are extremely excited about the combination of Butler and Burns Veterinary Supply to form a new entity, Butler Animal Health Supply,” said Kevin Vasquez, president and chief executive offi cer of the new venture. “As a result of this combination, we are the preeminent market leader with the [top] position in the distribution of companion animal healthcare products in the United States. Our combined companies will bring unparalleled opportunities for the Supplying the demand

veterinary community through the most highly trained and automated fi eld sales and telesales organization in the industry.” Vasquez explained that as a result of the merger, the new company is able to serve its veterinary customers’ needs better. It offers a “solutions-driven” sales approach, a broader product line, and a forward-thinking set of value-added services, including inventory management and practice management software. “We are very pleased that this transaction has progressed so well,” said Kim Allen, the new president of Butler Animal Health Supply’s Commercial Division. “This is an exciting opportunity for both companies and has been very well received by our customers, employees, and vendor partners. The integration teams have worked very hard for a smooth transition, and we are eagerly anticipating our new organization and the opportunities it will bring to all of our constituents.” The company is privately owned by Oak Hill Capital Partners II, the fi nancial partner for the transaction, and the Darby Group Companies, Inc., the former shareholder of Burns Veterinary Supply. The current management team of Butler Animal Health Supply also holds a minority interest. The company says it will achieve its mission “by establishing and maintaining customer intimacy as our ‘magnetic north’ while focusing on operational effi ciency [and] attracting and retaining competent and motivated associates; we will maintain and grow our business— thereby enhancing our position as the largest, most reliable and respected distributor of animal health products in our industry.” The combined power of Burns Veterinary Supply and The Butler Company has created a distributor with unparalleled powers. For starters, Butler Animal Health Supply has a super-strong sales force with skill, training, and scope, which results in an increased number of meaningful clinic visits. Butler Animal Health Supply is able to fulfill its clients’ needs quickly and accurately, so clients can now benefit from the company’s 24 cutting-edge, highly automated distribution centers, which are strategically located throughout the US to ensure quick delivery of in-stock products. Its fill rate is higher than 97 percent, with close-to-perfect accuracy rates. Butler Animal Health Supply also carries some of the top brands and products in the industry. Vendors include, but are not limited to, Abbott Laboratories, IVX, Ft. Dodge, IDEXX Laboratories, Royal Canin Vet Diets, Intervet, Schering Plough, and Nestlé Purina. Butler Animal Health Supply also provides value-added services like clinic inventory Businessexcellence May 07 44 Butler Animal Health Supply began distributing VSSI, Inc. products early in 2003. Butler was seeking a company able to supply the volume of stainless steel products they envisioned selling. VSSI, Inc. was seeking a company that would give national exposure to the full line of veterinary products that we manufacture. Since this union, Butler has consistently been one of our top distributors. Our commitment to this partnership is one that we will continue to support. VSSI AFP is the leading supplier of veterinary digital imaging systems. Whether dental or wholebody, in-clinic or mobile, AFP provides diverse imaging solutions that meet the needs of the individual veterinary clinic or hospital. AFP is proud to team with Butler in strategically distributing the best veterinary radiographic equipment for both today and the future. AFP Imaging