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With 80 years’ experience, Pardee Homes knows how to make a house a home Businessexcellence May 07 76 Consumers increasingly look for excellence in the products they buy, but there are few purchases we make in life that compare in magnitude to the house we live in. It’s the largest purchase most of us are ever likely to make, and as such, it has to be right, in terms of location, equipment, and living space. Established in 1921, and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Pardee Homes is a house builder that believes in the quality differentiator. With regional offices in San Diego, Orange County, Corona, Sacramento and Las Vegas, Pardee Homes is one of the oldest and largest building companies in California, developing new home neighborhoods and planned communities throughout Southern California and Southern Nevada, where it has operated for 50 years. A wholly owned subsidiary of Weyerhaeuser Corporation since 1969, one of five Weyerhaeuser divisions, Pardee Homes was founded by George Pardee Sr. His three sons joined the business in the Los Angeles housing boom after World War II and expanded into southern Nevada in 1952, selling affordable homes to veterans for $1.00 down. That was where they pioneered the “planned community” concept. Pardee Homes has amassed a collection of industry awards over the years; in 2006 it became Energy Star Partner of the Year for Sustained Excellence, awarded by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The most recent recognition includes the 2006 Elan Awards, highlighted by the coveted Community of the Year finalist designation for Encantada in the gated Covenant Hills Village of Ladera Ranch. The Elan Awards recognize excellence in residential design, sales, marketing and merchandising and are sponsored by the Sales & Marketing Council (SMC) of Los Angeles/Ventura. Sharing the spotlight with Encantada is Pardee Homes’ Segovia, a move-up neighborhood that is also in the popular master-planned community of Ladera Ranch. Rounding out Pardee Homes’ most recent Elan honors was Portico, noted by judges for sustainable design. Situated in Pardee Homes’ master-planned community of Pacific Highlands Ranch, Portico also earned architectural honors in the 2006 Gold Nugget Awards and Best in American Living Awards. In 2003 the company was chosen by Builder magazine as America’s Best Builder, where it was commended for outstanding customer service, beautiful and innovative product design, quality construction, fair business practices, and creative corporate culture. A company statement proclaims that “This is an honor we’re pleased to share with our management, staff and supportive team members, and it signifies a commitment to our homebuyers to continue delivering excellence at every level.” Pardee recognizes that its greatest asset is its people, led by Michael V. McGee, president and chief executive officer, and Hal Struck, executive vice president and chief operating officer. The Pardee staff combines seasoned professionals with smart, young talent. Pardee management is a multi-disciplinary team of award-winning experts in their respective fields of architecture, marketing, finance, construction, land acquisition and engineering. While a belief in excellence is always admirable, to proclaim one’s excellence to the world requires further evidence. To provide this, Award winning homes

May 07 Businessexcellence 77 Pardee homebuyers participate annually in the JD Powers and Associates New-Home Builder Customer Satisfaction Study, which evaluates customer service, home readiness, sales staff, quality of workmanship and other criteria. This and other independent studies have found that over 90 percent of Pardee homeowners would refer Pardee to a family member or friend. Many are living in their second, third or even fourth Pardee home. Today’s consumers (especially Californians, it must be said) are much more environmentally aware than they used to be, and Pardee Homes keeps pace with their needs by offering “Living Smart” features as an option in select neighborhoods. Living Smart combines features and options that are environmentally sensitive and energy conscious, pairing them with exceptional architecture and functional design, proving that a home can be smart, comfortable and good-looking. Pardee Homes and its personnel also devote time and resources to education and to many youth and community service organizations. In 2005, Pardee donated more than $1.2 million to causes such as homelessness, education, medical research, Little League, and many other community projects. Special emphasis is on housing-related initiatives, such as HomeAid America, a national, non-profi t organization devoted to quality housing for the temporarily homeless. Over the past decade, Pardee has focused its most signifi cant charitable efforts on homelessness, demonstrated by the company’s support of The Shade Tree Shelter for Homeless Women and Children in Las Vegas as well as HomeAid efforts in Southern Nevada and Southern California Pardee Homes BORM Engineers is a leading multi-discipline fi rm providing civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services as well as cold-formed steel design build services. The fi rm concentrates on total engineering solutions for single and multifamily residential, mixed-use/urban infi ll, hospitality, commercial/ retail centers and hotels/motels/extended stays. Currently BORM has 10 offi ces with locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada; Beijing, China, and Dubai, UAE (coming soon). BORM Engineers