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FOCUS ON One Team in action 22 infoworks Q1 2008 Working as a one unit For Geoff Say, Operations Manager at CHt Wales and Ron Mills, Project Leader Construction South, the application of One Team is about sharing the same vision. The pair led the design and build project at the new National Blood Centre at Filton, which will replace existing outdated accommodation with leading edge facilities needed to make it the principal blood service in the region. Their approach to One Team includes practical solutions such as removing walls to allow engineers and supervisors to occupy the same space, and addressing in team meetings any areas in which differing perceptions and agendas could constrain the project. Geoff and Ron attribute much of the project success to the approach; “One Team means collaborating and operating under the same guiding principles to deliver in the best interests of the whole Group. The team instinctively work with the same values and towards the same goals, ensuring success.” Sharing knowledge and experience The £45 million project to design and construct Monsoon’s new headquarters as part of the Notting Hill Village development in West London has relied heavily on the ‘One Team’ approach in completing the phases on time and to specification. For Neville Custance, Project Leader for site operations, ‘One Team’ working has not only improved efficiency but also encouraged knowledge-sharing from an early stage: “Working as one team from the out-set removes all the normal contractual disputes and disruptions between the client and ourselves. It is still very early days but we all believe it will benefit our clients, project teams and the Group.” Achieving excellence Unity and co-operation are just two of the many measures being applied on the Cardiff Library project, which will help transform the Southern end of the city. The energy-efficient building has received a BREEAM Excellence rating through innovative biodiversity features such as a Sedum green roof to reduce rain water run off and heat loss. According to Expanded’s Operations Manager, Huw Jones, the high standards achieved on the project are a result of the businesses working in an integrated way and importantly, trusting each other: “By fully integrating our site teams we provided a much leaner and more agile management structure, enabling the team to focus on providing the highest quality construction solution possible.” Setting Laing O’Rourke apart One Team’s strength in differentiating Laing O’Rourke in the market place was instrumental in the recent win of the St Luke’s project, the design and construction of a new 312-bed mental health hospital, followed by the demolition of the old Hospital buildings. A Portfolio-led team that incorporated technical support from Construction North and Crown House Technologies began the bid process in October 2005, starting off as a traditional negotiated Public Finance Initiative (PFI). Twelve months into the bid, the process was switched to a pilot for the Government’s new Competitive Dialogue process. The Treasury, Trust, and the bidders had not been through this new process before and it proved to be a steep learning curve. “Without the front-end experience of Portfolio Solutions and the joint technical ability of Construction North and CHt, we would have not been able to navigate this new process while delivering the best design and construction solution,” explained Construction North Project Leader, Gareth Burton. “We decided that the winning bid position would be delivering certainty. We were able to prove to the Trust that the Laing O’Rourke team had a depth of knowledge across the whole project value chain and wasn’t just a veneer to a series of unrelated teams quickly pulled together to win a bid.” Maximising the value of One Team By working as One Team the featured projects are running more efficiently, implementing the most innovative solutions and creating a working environment that supports skills transfer and inspires teams to learn from each other. One Team is essentially about sharing values, co-operating in challenging circumstances, working to the same common purpose and communicating with each other at each stage. This will enable the Laing O’Rourke group of businesses to work effectively together, share knowledge and build capability across all stages of a project. St Luke’s Hospital, Middlesborough How the ‘One Team’ approach will help shape tomorrow The European hub is embracing the ‘One Team’ approach and infoworks spoke with project leaders from the construction and services businesses to find out how it is delivering real value to Laing O’Rourke’s projects.