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Roy Woods A bit about our railways……. Both railways are of a narrow gauge – this smaller scale was adopted by the Ffestiniog Railway and copied by many others, not only in Britain, but also in India, South Africa and other parts of the World. The ' gauge', or width between the tracks, is only 1' 11?" or 600mm - allowing trains to negotiate the sharper curves and steeper inclines prevalent in mountainous terrain. Interestingly, this suggests that the Ffestiniog Railway adopted a metric measurement in the 1830s, certainly unusual in Britain at that time. The narrow gauge allows for smaller engines and carriages and our railways have an interesting mixture of different shapes and sizes. Most of our carriages have plenty of room for the modern tourist to travel in comfort – with at- seat buffet service of hot and cold drinks. Some trains even have a grill on board for hot snacks – especially welcome to the weary walker or cyclist! For the more intrepid traveller, some trains offer the option of travelling in Victorian splendour. These heritage carriages, some dating back to the mid- Nineteenth Century, have been restored at our own works at Boston Lodge, near Porthmadog. These smaller carriages offer a glimpse of what it was like travelling by train over a hundred years ago, although the gas- lamps have been replaced with electric light. Trains usually carry a ramp to assist passengers with mobility problems and some carriages have extra wide doors for standard- width wheelchairs. Bicycles can be carried on most trains and dogs are welcome in most carriages. Our staff are always pleased to help in any way they can.

Seán Britton Groups Of course, if you want to bring a group with you, we'll be delighted to help. If you book in advance with us and have 20 or more passengers travelling together we'll give you a reduced fare as part of our advanced booking package. On some trains we can also arrange pre- booked snacks for the hungry! Roger Dimmick Steve Sedgwick Events Not to be missed every May is our annual Beer Festival. This takes place in the Goods Shed at Dinas, just outside of Caernarfon, on the Welsh Highland Railway. There are usually a host of beers to sample, including Porthmadog's own local brew " Purple Moose", or Mws Piws, in the Welsh tongue! Roger Dimmick