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SAS ® Professional Services Overview Our objective is to be your trusted technology and business partner. We aim to help you get the best out of your investment in SAS ® by delivering excep-tional quality services – across the full range of SAS solutions – in parallel with our expert guidance and advice. Our commitment is to ensure your com-plete satisfaction with our software and services. Four facts make SAS ® Professional Services exceptional: 1. We offer you business and technical advice based on our deep industry knowledge and expertise in many sectors, including financial services, telecommunications, life sciences, retail, manufacturing, automotive, media, government and education. 2. Our consultants' expertise ranges from risk management for retail banks, cost control in the public sec-tor, churn analysis within the com-munications sector, to supply chain optimisation in retail, and beyond. 3. We provide you with unique insights into SAS and its capabilities, helping you achieve a more rapid and sus-tained return on investment. 4. We have solid references from suc-cessful user organisations and SAS communities in multiple business sectors. SAS Services Advisory Services Your organisation's success depends upon doing the right things even better. Identifying problems before they be-come critical, opportunities before they are missed, and predicting outcomes before embarking on a course of action will make the difference between suc-cess and failure. Our advisory consultants have a wealth of experience gained working with many hundreds of customers across all industry sectors; notably finance, telecommunications, retail and govern-ment. Alongside this industry domain expertise, we give you practical insights into how your organisation can use business analytics to become more focused, more effective and ultimately more successful. Such advice can be offered independent of any SAS software. Indeed, we have a number of packaged services in this category including a Value Optimisation Assess-ment, Marketing Effectiveness Audit, Data Quality Audit and Team Perfor-mance Assessment. Sound advice. In- depth knowledge. Hands- on support. Consulting From initial assessment to ongoing management, SAS ® Consulting helps you reap the benefits of our software and solutions fast. Our consultants listen and learn about your organisation before providing the right answers. SAS Consulting provides expert advice and help at all stages in a project's life cycle. Specific services range from solution discovery workshops, through to cleaning and analysing your data, evaluating your architecture, and imple-menting the right business solution to address your needs. We provide all the help you need to drive project success. SAS Consulting has been audited by the BVQI and certified to ISO9001: 2000 update/ TickIT ISO9001: 2000 update. This covers the delivery of produc-tion systems as well as the provision of service- based consulting. All of our consultants are also SAS certified professionals. Learn more at: www. sas. com/ uk/ consulting

SAS ® Professional Services Education We offer a wealth of courses, qualifica-tions and services that give your people the knowledge to make the most of your investment in SAS. We bring over 30 years of experience in understand-ing how people learn SAS, and design all our courses to optimise your time. In addition, we offer practical, ' made to measure' workshops, couirses and as-sessments which ensure effective use and adoption of SAS software. SAS ® Education has a team of award winning, accredited experts to guide and support your staff in their learning and development. We keep our materi-als up to date and are first to offer train-ing on any new release of our software. We use the classroom, internet, your location or ours; wherever is best for you and your team to learn. We have SAS Accredited training centres in London, Marlow, Glasgow and Manchester. This guarantees the highest quality training led by qualified educators, supported by world class documentation, delivered in well-resourced learning environments, and powered by the latest SAS software. SAS Education has been audited by the BVQI and certified to ISO9001. Learn more at: www. sas. com/ uk/ education Support We provide 3 levels of support to our customers: Self- Service support is available 24/ 7 and you can access knowledge systems, download fixes, raise and monitor incidents from your browser. Assisted Support is provided during office hours via a dedicated UK phone line, and for high severity incidents, via our 24 hour response centre in the US. Support consul-tants benefit from years of technical training and experience, and are also expert in the ' softer' skills that can be critical to resolving issues quickly. Premium Support is offered at an additional fee for when more proac-tive help is required, eg. upgrades and other maintenance activity of your SAS environment. All arrange-ments are individually tailored to meet your needs as a business. SAS Support has been audited by the BVQI and certified to ISO9001. Learn more at: www. sas. com/ uk/ support Managed Services SAS ® Managed Services are designed to ensure that your team spend their valuable time realising the benefits of your solution, rather than managing it. As experts in our own software, there are many advantages compared to a traditional IT hosting facility: • Expert SAS software installation and release migration. • Optimum system configuration for SAS. • Facilitation of the resolution of prob-lems that can't be resolved with remote assistance. • Facilitation of system upgrades or infrastructure modernisation. • Expert proactive data management to ensure either optimum productivity of your analysts or quality of reporting. • Single point of contact for problems and new requirements. In short, we can, within the boundaries that you set, become a valued part of your extended virtual team. Learn more at: www. sas. com/ uk/ managedservices