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SAS ® Professional Services SAS ® Business Intelligence Service provides the skills and support you need to answer crucial business ques-tions and maintain a competitive market edge. Supporting every functional area of your enterprise, our service provides the extensive domain expertise, expert project management and technical con-sultancy you need to address critical business issues fast, effectively and at a lower cost than custom- built alternatives. SAS ® Data Integration Service provides you with the skills and sup-port you need to use the SAS ® Data Integration Server. This allows you to consolidate, clean and structure your data ready for business analysis. SAS ® OpRisk Monitor Deploy-ment Service allows you the flexibility to implement SAS ® OpRisk Monitor, SAS' industry- leading operational risk management platform, within a clearly defined timeline, either as an enterprise-wide implementation or as a combina-tion of modules, as prioritised by you. SAS ® Customer Profitability Service provides a practical proof of how the SAS Profitability Management applica-tion will enable your organisation to better understand individual customer profitability and to maximise the return obtained from your existing customer base. SAS ® Stress Testing Architecture Assessment is a thorough evalua-tion of your company's portfolio stress testing architecture, which will help your organisation unravel this complex environment and prepare you for recent developments in the FSA requirements for holistic stress testing. SAS ® Performance Review helps you to get best value out of the SAS Busi-ness Analytics Framework by providing a strategic framework for optimisation. Our experts will work with your existing business and ICT teams to both identify and address specific bottlenecks and potential performance problems. SAS ® Business Analytics Competency Centre ( BACC) is a permanent, internally- staffed, organisational struc-ture that promotes the most effective use of business analytics across the enterprise to support the organisation's business strategy. Encompassing all the software, services and knowledge needed; we will help you to create the most efficient and effective BACC for your organisation. SAS ® KPI Dashboard Service enables you to employ dashboards to monitor key performance indicators that show how your organisation is perform-ing. Visualising your performance mea-surements using dashboards helps you to quickly identify and correct negative trends. SAS ® Value Optimisation Assess-ment provides you with expert recom-mendations for the most efficient and effective use of SAS technology within your organisation for current and future business needs. This packaged service is also available to non- SAS users. SAS ® Analytic Modelling Service develops models that generate rapid returns from your data. Whether the model involves profiling and segmen-tation, retention, response modelling, profitability, basket analysis, or next logical product, our analytical con-sultants will develop a model that will quickly add value to your organisation. SAS ® Data Mining Service lever-ages the expertise and real- world experience of SAS' analytics consul-tants to use data mining techniques and SAS ® Enterprise Miner ™ for the discovery and definition of critical business and customer information. SAS ® Forecasting Service allows you to rapidly benefit from your investment in SAS forecasting soft-ware by fully quantifying the effects that trends, seasonality, events and behavioural characteristics have on historical demand. This information is then used to build forecasting models which quickly generate accurate forecasts of future demand, providing a greater insight into what is going to happen so you can plan accordingly. SAS ® Text Mining leverages the ex-pertise of SAS' analytics consultants coupled with the power of SAS ® Text Miner to quickly uncover valuable insights hidden in the volumes of text-based information your organisation collects every day. Experts and specialists who work alongside your team.

SAS ® Professional Services SAS ® Live Web Training gives your staff the flexibility to learn online, log-ging in when and where it is convenient Each course is modular enabling staff to learn whilst keeping on top of their day- to- day responsibilities. Support SAS ® Installation and Configuration Service encompasses the entire set-up process for a SAS deployment. This service covers documentation, instal-lation, hot- fix application, testing and high level knowledge transfer across all platforms. SAS ® Hotfix Review takes advantage of our consultants expertise to ensure all required hotfixes are applied quickly and effectively. During a review our experts will conduct a detailed assess-ment of your current level of hotfixes applied to your SAS deployment both on the server and client side. SAS ® Mainframe Optimisation Service provides expert recommen-dations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your SAS mainframe deployment. Focusing on optimising your reporting processes and making more of MXG software for performance monitoring and capacity planning, we will review your use of SAS on your mainframe and recommend enhance-ments to improve productivity. SAS ® Premium Support Service is an extension of your company's internal resource, providing you with superior levels of business support and personal attention from a dedicated, specialist team for a fixed annual fee. The service extends SAS' world- class customer support by providing an additional ' pro-active' and preventative service. Education Team Performance Assessment is delivered by SAS education special-ists who will assess your teams' skills and map them against your processes and procedures. The end result is a prioritised set of recommendations for tuning performance and planning long term improvement. SAS ® Public Training Programme offers a range of regular, job- role based courses at education centres through-out the UK, Ireland and online. They also include a package of post- course support and development. SAS ® Custom Events Programme provides a cost- effective and flexible way of educating your staff. Training can be tailored to your requirements and held either at your premises or one of our education centres. SAS ® Partner Academy is a unique network of technical consultants and aims to improve SAS implementations, stimulate your consultants' thinking, exchange ideas on how to best imple-ment the SAS Business Analytics Framework and other SAS solutions and acquire industry recognised quali-fications. SAS ® Rapid Adoption Service will help you to quickly implement and adopt new processes, policies and applications. It enables you to design, develop and deliver computer- based SAS training for multiple users so they can learn or update the specific skills needed to operate your SAS deployment. About SAS SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. Through innovative solutions delivered within an integrated framework, SAS helps customers at more than 45,000 sites improve per-formance and deliver value by making better decisions faster. Since 1976 SAS has been giving customers around the world THE POWER TO KNOW ® . www. sas. com/ uk The knowledge to make the most of your investment in SAS.