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2 Register today at europe. gartner. com/ security CONTENTS SUMMARY Page 4 Plenary Page 5 Foundation Sessions and Gartner Analyst/ User Roundtables Page 6- 9 Summit Program: The Tracks and Sessions Page 10 End- User Case Studies Page 12 Gartner Research Page 13 Maximize Your Summit Experience Page 14 Solution Showcase Page 15 How to Register Your Summit - Your Agenda! With a wealth of sessions, it is helpful to have a tool to build your own agenda focusing on your own needs. The online Agenda Builder helps you select the relevant sessions and schedule them in your calendar, and to build in networking and refl ection time into your schedule. Go to ab/ gartner. com/ sec10i to view the full agenda and plan your on- site schedule. Introduction Managing risk and securing information: your contribution to the success of your organization! We are living in challenging times. Money is tight, and cyber- risks are increasing. As an information security or risk professional, you have a special contribution to make to the success of your organization. Traditional emphasis has been on effectiveness in preventing security breaches and incidents, but the focus is increasingly turning toward the effi ciency with which this can be achieved. It might sound like alchemy, but you have an important duty to simultaneously improve security, while reducing costs. This year's Gartner Information Security Summit emphasizes the role of the individual practitioner, which is becoming increasingly specialized. What should you be doing, and what are the best practices of your peers? The event will provide the information and networking opportunities to help you do your job better. Summit Timetable Networking Reception: 18: 30 - 20: 00 Jay Heiser Research VP, Gartner Tom Scholtz Research VP, Gartner Key Benefi ts that you will derive from attendance at the Gartner Information Security Summit: . Meet business needs: protect and support critical systems and processes to ensure delivery of the organization's overall objectives . Make wise investments: gain the most up- to- date understanding of the vendor landscape allowing you to assess your best- fi t approaches . Sound deployment of resources: learn where to place your time, energy and budget in order to achieve quick-wins and clear results . Make the business case: explain to c- level executives where and how your work in security has delivered value and why it is worth the investment . Safeguard clients: both internally and externally individuals rely on you and need to have full confi dence if you are to have their support at every step . Deepen tactical knowledge: you know what your problems are... come meet the Gartner analysts and learn what the solutions look like . Strengthen strategic vision: advantage is gained by knowing where to jump and how soon. Don't learn to be fi rst, learn to be the best . Develop your most vital resource: yourself: increased expertise, broader awareness at all levels, connections within the industry, and ways to make an impact; the Gartner Summit experience is designed to make you an asset to your organization and a true knowledge worker. Sunday 18: 00 - 19: 30 Monday 07: 30 - 20: 00 Tuesday 07: 30 - 17: 30

3 Register Now and builder your agenda at europe. gartner. com/ security Advisory Board The Gartner Information Security Summit operates with the advice and support of a number of end- user representatives who help ensure that the content and direction of the Summit fi ts the needs of our intended audience. Paul S. Raines, Head IT Information Security, Organization For The Prevention Of Chemical Weapons Neville Hinchliffe, LUIM Risk & Resilience Manager, London Underground Richard Astill, Head of IT Risk Management & Assurance, AON Peter Tiffany, IT Security Offi cer, Department Of Health Mathieu Ransijn, Global Information Security Operations Manager, Shell Joe Dauncey, Information Security Manager, Scottish & Southern Energy What's New at the Gartner Information Security Summit? . Practical, Actionable Know- How: In the present climate, your value relies not on who you are but on what you can deliver effectively. This year's agenda features fi ve presentations telling you the " how- to" approaches for effective programs in IAM, DLP, GRC, vulnerability management and your overall security structure. . Rising Compliance Issues: The agenda deals directly with incoming regulatory requirements such as Solvency II, IFRS and SEPA, including cross- border issues and gives an exclusive analysis of how you should go about preparing for other compliance challenges. . Frameworks for the Organization: This year's agenda features a demonstration of ITILv3 for security, a real- world case study of ISO27001/ ISO27005 in action and the implementation of a risk management framework. . Advanced Practitioner Insight and Professional Development: Take your organization and your own career to the next level. Let Gartner help you with everything from a full self- assessment workshop, our maturity benchmark session showing global organizational standards and how to advance up the chain, an advanced workshop on risk management and a Gartner guide to how you can make best use of security qualifi cations and accreditation for your CV. Customize your agenda! To assist you in making the most of your attendance we have tagged a series of sessions to create two recommended agendas for you - " Your How To Guides" - put knowledge into action with the practical implementation advice offered in these sessions. " Your Technology Strategy" - a suite of sessions giving you full briefi ngs on a core selection of security and risk technologies.