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FREE UK delivery on orders over £ 75: 0845 602 3578 Top Tips from Gardener's World 10 When it comes to getting greener, you can't be in safer hands than with the team at Gardeners' World. Top Tips presents their collected know- how, and makes fascinating reading. We've collected our favourite tips which should make your garden come up roses this year and beyond. . Buy large pots of perennials as these can often be divided straight away, making three small plants instead of one large one. . Don't buy plants if the pot has weeds or moss growing on it. The plant will have been in the pot too long and will be pot- bound. . In dry weather, or in summer, it often helps to water the hole before placing the plant in it. This ensures that the water goes where it is needed - to the roots. . If you have a pond, place a few large rocks near the edge for smaller birds, butterflies and insects to land on. . Very small seeds can be mixed with a bit of sand before sowing. This is not only economical but stops them being sown too thickly. . Tomatoes and potatoes are both members of the nightshade family and shouldn't be planted in succession. Kneeling Pad with Pocket Just the support you need, whether you're braving the borders, potting out or just trying to dig out errant bits of rubbish. Hardwearing cotton, nubuck leather trim. Handpicked because: Multi- purpose, good- looking and useful. £ 24.95 - 94009- 1 Dry Touch Gloves and Secateurs available online. NEW lower price TOP TIPS Gardener's World Top Tips What the panel of the world's longest running garden program don't know about horticulture really isn't worth knowing. Their best knowledge is condensed into this indispensable book, packed with gems about the best time to prune, mulch and pot out. Handpicked because: Expert or novice gardeners will all learn something new from this gem. £ 9.95 - 94024- 1 Paper Potter Ingenious device that creates sowing and seed­ling pots from old newspaper. When seedlings are ready to plant out, transplant in their own bio- degradable paper pot. Made of FSC beech. Handpicked because: Eco- friendly, good- looking and money saving. £ 9.95 - 94010- 1 NEW " Even the greenest fingered will learn something from this." Alice Rose

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