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MUCH MORE ONLINE: www. handpickedcollection. com Garden greats " No shed should be without a pair of sturdy and supple gardening gloves." Matthew Dennison Garden Stool and Tool Carrier Load up the side pockets with all your tools, and put your packed lunch inside. Tools not included. Handpicked because: Lightweight, dual- purpose, folds flat. £ 16.95 - 93002- 1 Canvas & Nubuck Garden Apron Tough but good- looking garden apron in soft cotton with nubuck trim. Has three useful pockets and ends above the knee to make easy work of kneeling down to battle the borders. 100% cotton with nubuck trim. Handpicked because: Enables gardeners to cut a dash while they cut the grass or rose bush. £ 29.95 - 40128- 1 Bradley's Anti- Bramble Gauntlets Supple, with long leather cuffs to protect all the way to the elbow, these will laugh in the face of upstart brambles. Glove part is made of water repellent yellow suede/ grain leather. Cuff made of saddle hide leather. Thinsulate ® lining offers cold weather protection. Handpicked because: These supple little workers are simply the best. £ 37.95 - 94000- 1 Bradley's Pruning Gauntlets These are tough enough to deal with even the most evil rose bush, while the suede gauntlet keeps arms scratch- free. Water- repellent suede grain leather with protective saddle suede cuffs. Handpicked because: These keep green- fingers looking manicure fresh. £ 31.95 - 94001- 1 11 String on a Stand Every gardener knows the importance of string, so keep some permanently to hand on this good- looking stand with cutter on the handle. Beech, giftboxed. Handpicked because: This will last a lifetime. £ 10.95 - 94008- 1 Eva Solo Rain Gauge Our beautiful meteorological guide is an addictive way to see exactly how many raindrops have been falling on your head. Moulded glass container on a stainless steel spike. Volume shown in millimetres and inches. Handpicked because: It's great for gardeners, fun for anyone. £ 59.95 - 40154- 1 NEW lower price

FREE UK delivery on orders over £ 75: 0845 602 3578 Top Tips for winning croquet 12 . It's not about winning every shot. Disadvantaging your opponents game, rather than advancing your own, often makes strategic sense. Besides, what's not to like about ensuring your brother- in- law can't make the hoop because you've whacked him into a rose bush? . Learn to jump. It's a lot easier than it looks. Simply stand with the ball level with the back of your heels and hit down on the ball. Practice makes perfect. . Secretly pair up. This really confuses other players who can't quite shake the feeling that they're being picked on. When reality dawns, keep away from their mallet! . Don't think it's all about a lawn that could double as a billiard table. One of the most enjoyable games I've ever played was in a friend's garden on Dartmoor. Playing round huge rock formations jutting out from his lawn was wonderful fun. Get to know the quirks of your own playing area to keep one step ahead of the opposition. . Invent your own court. Simply move the six hoops to suit the layout of your garden. If there's a water feature in the middle of the lawn, make the most of it - croquet balls float! . Don't think of croquet as just for the grown ups. You could introduce a handicap system - two shots for every grown- up one, or let children go round once, and adults twice. There is nothing more frustrating than a young niece or nephew dislodging an uncle's croquet crown. I should know... Sam, it's only a matter of time before I get you back! Joe Jaques is a direct descendent of the founder of Jaques of London, the world's oldest sports and games company. He lets The Handpicked Collection in on ways to make the most of the genteel but deadly game of croquet. We'll be jumping through hoops all summer! Jaques Surrey Croquet Set Jaques' name is synonymous with croquet and this version is of the highest quality finish. A more storable option is the ' Richmond' version which comes in a durable canvas bag. Surrey box size: 102cm x 26cm x 26cm. Handpicked because: Helps make being incredibly competitive seem almost gentlemanly. Richmond £ 198.95 - 95024- 1 Surrey £ 298.95 - 95032- 1 Jaques Policeman Skittles Stunning, heirloom set of wooden skittles, presented in a smart Jaques box. Takes seconds to set up, gives endless hours of fun. Size: Approx 23cm. Handpicked because: A real knock- out! £ 38.95 - 95021- 1 TOP TIPS NEW NEW