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MUCH MORE ONLINE: www. handpickedcollection. com Garden games French Boules Don a beret and transform the garden or beach into a traditional Gallic scene. A fine Bordeaux not included. Comes in a canvas bag. Size: Diameter 6cm. Handpicked because: Can be played across generations. £ 14.95 - 95029- 1 Jaques Badminton Jaques of London's badminton is constructed with steel posts, a 20- foot net with sturdy guy ropes, four alloy- headed rackets and heavyweight outdoor shuttlecocks. Set for four people. Handpicked because: Far easier to play than tennis, and it takes up less room. £ 38.95 - 95022- 1 Jaques Bounceback There are so many games you can play with our bounceback - practice your tennis serve, perfect your catch or bend it like Beckham. You'll never again hear ' I'm bored!' Robust steel frame and nylon net with coated steel springs. Size: 147cm x 94cm. Handpicked because: You don't need a huge garden to finesse your fitness. £ 48.95 - 95020- 1 13 Quoits Hoopla! This version of the traditional garden game can be taken anywhere - from the beach to the park - and can even be used inside when the British summer fails us. Wooden set. Size: 25cm across. Handpicked because: Brings back memories of fun fairs and candy floss. £ 9.50 - 92005- 1 " Great for wannabe Tigers." Alice Rose Jaques Round the Clock Golf This deceptively simple game hones putting skills and is ideal to sling in the car to take on holiday. Up the ante by widening the gap be­tween the numbers, or by adding obstacles. Plastic numerals, flag and adjustable putter. Handpicked because: It's always time for tee! £ 38.95 - 95023- 1 Giant Pick- Up Sticks A gigantic version of this classic game. Wood. Comes in a canvas bag. Size: 93cm. Handpicked because: Perfect for tying up the roses too! £ 12.95 - 95028- 1 NEW NEW NEW

FREE UK delivery on orders over £ 75: 0845 602 3578 Out and about Funky Picnic Blanket Looks cool enough to carry into the office for lunchtimes in the park, and durable enough to picnic on for years. Waxed underside with hard- wearing weave on top. Size: 105cm x 145cm. Handpicked because: Stylish and fun take on the traditional woollen rug. £ 14.95 - 91007- 1 Striped Lawn Lounger Roll up for indolent summer afternoons. Our super- padded lawn lounger makes easy work of doing nothing. Double version available in case you're feeling generous enough to share. Size: Single - 183cm x 77cm; Double - 183cm x 122cm. Handpicked because: Beautifully made and perfect for the park or garden, and even indoors as a last- minute bed. Single £ 69.95 - 91016- 1 Double £ 99.95 - 91003- 1 " Ideal for glamping!" Thomasina Miers Wine in the Park One half of our carrier is insulated for wine, the other contains plastic ' glasses', corkscrew and bottle stopper. Takes a 75cl wine bottle. Handpicked because: Neat way to deliver chilled alfresco fun. £ 39.95 - 40102- 1 14 Marble Drinks Cubes Made from natural chunks of Swedish marble, these won't melt and dilute your drink. Also ideal to take on holiday to countries where you can't trust the drinking water. Pop in the freezer, rinse ( in mineral water!) after each use. Remain cold for approx 4 hours. 8 cubes, approx 2cm . Handpicked because: A quirky but useful ice- breaker. £ 9.95 - 50159- 1 3 Picnic Tote With insulated pockets for wine, external pockets for napkins, and everything you need for four to eat alfresco while still leaving plenty of room for food. Settings for four. Stainless steel cutlery, machine washable plastic plates, cloth napkins. Lifetime guarantee. Size: 50cm x 20cm x 30cm high. Handpicked because: Alfresco eating has never been easier. Brown Tote £ 76.95 - 30125- 1 Blue Tote £ 76.95 - 30125- 2