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MUCH MORE ONLINE: www. handpickedcollection. com Treats Rose Quartz Keyring Lovingly made from a subtle combination of quartz and real freshwater pearls, it's like giving your door keys a kiss. The clip can also be used to accessorize a handbag. Rose quartz, crystal and fresh- water pearls. Giftboxed. Size: 10cm. Handpicked because: Can't put it down = makes losing your keys more difficult! £ 14.95 - 50170- 1 Treasure Box with Frame Lid For all those un- albumed photos and personal mementos that are crying out for a safe home. Size: 13cm x 18cm x 7.5cm. Handpicked because: A home for all the things you just can't throw out. £ 14.95 - 40147- 1 Linen Clothes Hangers Every wardrobe needs a few padded hangers to keep cashmere and other delicate items looking their best. The button detail on one of this pair keeps little straps firmly hanging on. Size: 45cm x 15cm x 5cm. Handpicked because: There's no point in having gorgeous garments if you ruin them on metal hangers. £ 16.95 - 30180- 1 Partridge Jewellery Tree We can't make jewellery grow on trees, but we guarantee displaying your baubles on this will look glorious and prevent tangles. The branches swivell, and the base is gently curved to keep rings and other small items safe. See how it works on the back cover. Polished acrylic and metal. Size: 17cm x 36cm. Handpicked because: Don't get your necklaces in a twist. £ 17.95 - 30184- 1 " Such a classic - there are so many people I could give this to." Jo McGivern Pearl Tag Bracelet & Necklace Oh- so- pretty freshwater pearl bracelet and necklace with a solid silver heart tag. Looks great with a little black dress or jeans, and is a top tip for a bridesmaid present. Freshwater pearls, 925 silver heart tag and toggle clasp. Bracelet size: 20cm long. Necklace size: 45cm long. Handpicked because: Timeless and ultra- flattering, a girl can't have enough pearls. Pearl Tag Bracelet £ 29.95 - 30159- 1 Pearl Tag Necklace £ 45.95 - 30160- 1 Bracelet & Necklace Set £ 59.95 ( over 20% off) 15 NEW NEW NEW NEW

FREE UK delivery on orders over £ 75: 0845 602 3578 Treats Wine Discovery This is a scaled down version of a system used by professional wine makers. The smelling kit of 40 different wine aromas helps you discover exactly what wine writers mean when they talk about chocolate or hay flavours. Fun to use with friends. Handpicked because: Professional quality, serious amusement. £ 84.95 - 20123- 1 Sport: Almost Everything you Ever Wanted to Know Why are boxing rings square? Why 18 holes? The triumphs and breakthroughs, the cheat­ing and skulduggery - everything that has created the modern world of sport is here. Unique, funny, amazingly comprehensive and packed with extraordinary anecdotes. Handpicked because: There's an ' Oh - now I get it' moment on every page. £ 14.99 - 40176- 1 Dream Bank Frame A new take on the piggy bank, this is a good start to realising your dreams. Pop in a picture to inspire you and watch your dream fund grow. Natural pine. Size: 13cm × 18cm. Handpicked because: Every penny counts. £ 19.95 - 40202- 1 Cognac Glasses A cognac glass has to help the drinker appreciate bouquet, maintain the right temperature, hold the right volume and feel good in the hand while the amber nectar is swirled around. Our version combines function with style. Set of two. Handpicked because: Eau de vie deserves nothing less. £ 34.95 - 20135- 1 16 Doodle Photo Frame Our inventive photo frame is an 80- page sketching pad. Get creative, write a shopping list, tell someone how much you love them - and put it in the drawing room! Holds one 10cm × 15cm photo. Size: 27cm × 22cm. Handpicked because: Good to unleash your inner creativity. £ 15.95 - 40201- 1 " Perfect for creative thinkers." Thomasina Miers NEW NEW