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FREE UK delivery on orders over £ 75: 0845 602 3578 We couldn't do this without our expert panel who make sure our products are up to scratch. Six trendsetters helped us vet the new products for this catalogue and the full expert line- up would love to meet you at www. handpickedcollection. com Welcome Home sweet home. The Handpicked Collection has always been about life's simple pleasures; making the most of your home, enjoying the garden, and spoiling those nearest and dearest to you. Our new catalogue introduces scores of new ideas and features all our very best sellers. Everything is chosen by our unique panel of lifestyle journalists and trendsetters, who rate and slate to ensure that only the best and most unusual products make it into our collection. We've also got a new free Birthday Reminder Service and hope you'll sign up on the postcard included, or online at www. handpickedcollection. com. Look out for useful tips throughout and a dangerously good recipe for chocolate brownies... Happy shopping ( and eating!) The Handpicked Collection Team Expert Panel What's Inside Kate O'Donnell Travel Editor, In Style Kate sits pretty on our Love & Home Cushion. £ 29.95. See page 3. Matthew Dennison Journalist and Biographer Matthew is a fan of our chic Oil & Vinegar Glasses £ 25.95. See page 4. Debora seasons in style with the Duo Salt & Pepper Mill. £ 36.95. See page 5. Debora Robertson Associate Food Editor, Red Joe Murray Co- Founder, WorldStores Joe is fired up by our Barbecue Bucket £ 19.95. See page 9. Alice Rose Freelance Journalist, Tatler and Homes & Gardens Alice Rose is patriotic about the Union Stripe Hammock. £ 19.95. See page 8. Thomasina Miers Food Writer, Cook and Co- owner of Wahaca Restaurants Thomasina loves the sage advice in Mrs Beeton's Household Tips. £ 9.95. See page 1. Home Page 1 Kitchen wonders Page 4 Exclusive best- ever brownie recipe Page 6 Garden greats Page 8 Expert gardening advice Page 10 Garden games Page 12 Tips to outwit at croquet Page 12 Out & about Page 14 Treats Page 15 Child's play Page 18

MUCH MORE ONLINE: www. handpickedcollection. com Home " Also perfect for prettily storing seed packets." Matthew Dennison " Gone Shopping" Doorstop Our pretty, witty doorstop tells it how it is. Each face is embroidered with a different message: Gone to Lunch, In the Garden, Gone Shopping and Run Out of Chocolate. Its lavender scent will help soothe nerves when the latter has happened. Removable, washable cover. Size: 20cm x 14cm x 14cm. Handpicked because: Helps achieve a friendly, open door policy at home. £ 26.95 - 30182- 1 Photo Frame Coasters Our coasters make a statement out of cocktail hour, look smart day- to- day protecting furniture and even better pressed into service as place names. Just insert the menu, family photos or even a wedding announcement. Glass. Set of four. Handpicked because: They make drinks stand alone. Frosted White £ 14.95 - 40150- 2 Black £ 14.95 - 40150- 1 1 Mrs Beeton's Household Tips It may be 150 years since the redoubtable Mrs Beeton first launched her household bible, but her practical, thrifty advice is all the more relevant today. Chapters include home maintenance, first aid and money management. Handpicked because: Wisdom like this doesn't date. £ 9.95 - 30183- 1 Heart Shaped Card Holder Are your birthday and Christmas cards, invitations and memos littering your kitchen? Ditch the ugly corkboard and create a wall- mounted scrapbook instead, with our hand­made wire heart. Distressed metal. Size: 54cm x 54cm. Handpicked because: Turns correspondence into an ever- changing artwork. £ 19.95 - 30179- 1 NEW NEW Galerie Candle Holder by MENU Gorgeous twist on the ever useful nightlight holder designed by Pernille Vea, for Menu. Fill the glass with anything pretty or meaningful... rosebuds, sand from your honeymoon beach or a champagne cork. Stainless steel and glass. Size: 6.5cm x 15cm high. Handpicked because: Everyone looks better by candlelight. £ 14.95 - 40182- 1 NEW NEW