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FREE UK delivery on orders over £ 75: 0845 602 3578 Garden Basket Fun basket with two tools, gloves and watering can. Age 3+. Handpicked because: The bright, high quality tools make it more than a one- dig wonder. £ 14.95 - 60134- 1 Penguin Torch Banish bedtime blues with our eco- friendly torch that doesn't need batteries. Pump up the penguin's wing to power the trigger- powered dynamo that lights the bulb. Age 3+. Handpicked because: A minute's charging produces hours of light. £ 5.50 - 60203- 1 Children's Wheelbarrow Chunky, colourful wheel- barrow to encourage junior to get busy in the garden. Age 3+. Takes 10 minutes to assemble with a spanner and screwdriver. Handpicked because: It's sturdy and supportive. £ 25.95 - 60135- 1 " They can help grandpa while daddy chills out with a beer." Alice Rose Child's play Bumper Book of Nature This book is full of activities to help children engage with the great outdoors. Beautifully illustrated and fact- packed. Age 5+. Handpicked because: Puts the whole world in their hands. £ 17.95 - 70120- 1 Explorer Kit This is the perfect gift for TV and computer- game addicted boys ( and tomboys), enticing them outdoors for some creative play. Inside this gorgeous tin there is a vintage- style metal torch, magnifying glass, metal compass, string with knot- guide and notebook and pencil. Age 6+. Tin size: 19cm x 12.5cm x 4cm. Handpicked because: Boys need to be boys. £ 14.95 - 60158- 1 18 Flower Press Pretty and great value version of a traditional favourite. Age 3+. Wood. Handpicked because: Transforms even the humblest daisy or dandelion into a potential work of art. £ 5.95 - 70103- 1 NEW

MUCH MORE ONLINE: www. handpickedcollection. com Child's play 19 Young Macdonald Playhouse Farm Little chaps love playhouses just as much as girls do, but so few are designed with a more boyish look. We've tracked down a gorgeous little farm which features a smart red tractor appliqued on the side, plus a cockerel, farm cat, bucket and ( you wouldn't get this on a princess play­house!) a dung heap. Size: 130cm long x 110cm wide x 160cm high. Handpicked because: Creates a rural hide­away in the playroom without ( a nation of mums applauds!) the mud. £ 195.00 - 60229- 1 ( See online for Playhouse Floor Quilt). " A man's relationship with his shed starts early." Matthew Dennison Fairy Cottage Playhouse It won't take long to find a tenant for the world's prettiest cottage. Built with care in softest cotton, it's got a gingham roof, walls appliqued with fairies, flowers and hearts and the windows are finished with real curtains. Size: 130cm long x 110cm wide x 160cm high. Handpicked because: A mortgage- free fairytale for any little girl. £ 195.00 - 60231- 1 ( See online for Playhouse Floor Quilt). Funky Baking Set Contains a set of celebration candles, rolling pin, wooden spoon, three metal star cookie cutters and cupcake cases. Recipes included. Age 5+. Handpicked because: Children love to cook, but grown- up kit can be hard to handle. £ 14.95 - 60233- 1 London in a Bag Don't let Boris Johnson have all the fun. Create your own version of London with our colourful wooden play set depicting the capital's best known landmarks. Age 3+. Handpicked because: The play variations are endless. £ 12.95 - 60122- 1 Topanimo Blocks & Animals Build them up, knock them down, hide the animals and learn colours and shapes. The boxes are in sturdy, wipeclean card and the animals in soft, chunky plastic. Age 1+. Handpicked because: Provides at least three different ways to play. £ 13.95 - 60107- 1 NEW NEW NEW