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FREE UK delivery on orders over £ 75: 0845 602 3578 Home Photo Trays These square trays have four mounted spaces for photos. A twist on the traditional gift of a photo frame, brings a smile to the tea tray. Space for four 4" x 6" photos. Insert your own photos just like a photo frame. Size: 35cm x 37cm. Handpicked because: Makes TV dinners an event. Walnut £ 27.95 - 30101- 1 Black £ 27.95 - 30101- 2 Branche d'Olive Bouquet Aromatique If you want to scent your house 24/ 7, simply place the rattan sticks in the bottle and let them soak up the glorious essential oils. Refills ( enough for two) are now available. Available in Thé Vert ( Green Tea) and Garrigue ( Citrus Cologne). Scent lasts for around two months. Size: 21cm high. Handpicked because: This contemporary classic means lights out for the scented candle. Thé Vert £ 20.95 - 30109- 1 Refill £ 14.95 - 30170- 1 Garrigue £ 20.95 - 30109- 2 Refill £ 14.95 - 30170- 2 Natural Slate Cheeseboard Cheese needs to be served at room tempera­ture if it's to be properly savoured. Our slate board keeps it just cool enough, and you can write the names of the cheeses on with chalk. Giftboxed. Size: 35cm x 25cm. Handpicked because: It's only polite to name them before wolfing them down. £ 16.95 - 85004- 1 " Calling this air freshener is like describing Chanel as part of the rag trade." Amanda Fox Card Curve Clutter Curer Have you got useful flyers and notes to your­self littered all over your kitchen? Keep it all to hand with our simple organiser. Slot in business cards, and instructions to the husband, and place somewhere prominent. Also useful for bridge players. Beech. Size: 50cm long. Handpicked because: Keeps you naturally in front of the curve. £ 6.95 - 84009- 1 2 Egg ' n' Shake - Set of 2 These fun egg cups have a hidden benefit - each provides a home for eggs, plus a salt shaker underneath. Set of two, white porcelain. Handpicked because: Smart update of a kitchen essential. £ 7.95 - 85032- 1 NEW

MUCH MORE ONLINE: www. handpickedcollection. com Home Honey Drizzler This delicate stainless steel, spiral shaped drizzler is just right for drizzling honey onto warm muffins for brekkie. Dishwasher safe, giftboxed. Size: 17cm. Handpicked because: Will keep honey monsters out of a sticky mess. £ 9.95 - 85030- 1 " Did I make it? Might have..." Kate O'Donnell Biscuit Barrel Did you know that The Hungry Little Caterpillar was first published in 1969? Celebrate his 50th birthday with this cute air- tight biscuit barrel. Size: 20cm high. Handpicked because: Very pretty - just keep the lid on to keep out hungry little people. £ 19.95 - 60146- 1 Rocking Glasses - Set of 4 Our rocking glasses redefine getting tipsy. Their curvaceous bottoms help the contents roll around to release the bouquet, or simply keep the drinker on his or her toes. You could also use these as they do Stateside, in New York's MoMA café, to serve puddings. Set of four. Volume: 30cl. Handpicked because: Puts the fun firmly into functional. £ 14.95 - 40161- 1 3 Homemade: Gorgeous Things to Make with Love By Ros Badger and Elspeth Thompson This feelgood tome celebrates 100 ways to enjoy domestic bliss, with everything from gorgeous designs for birthday cards, to fool­proof raspberry jam. And homemade doesn't mean homespun - all the ideas are chic or pretty, as well as practical. Handpicked because: Makes thrifty fabulous. £ 20.00 - 30200- 1 NEW NEW Love & Home Cushions Choose Love or Home - they look great as a pair nestled on the sofa. Removable cotton cover. Size: 25cm x 50cm. Handpicked because: Vintage, homespun chic - very Kirsty's Homemade House. Love Cushion £ 29.95 - 30181- 2 Home Cushion £ 29.95 - 30181- 1 NEW