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MUCH MORE ONLINE: www. handpickedcollection. com Home Honey Drizzler This delicate stainless steel, spiral shaped drizzler is just right for drizzling honey onto warm muffins for brekkie. Dishwasher safe, giftboxed. Size: 17cm. Handpicked because: Will keep honey monsters out of a sticky mess. £ 9.95 - 85030- 1 " Did I make it? Might have..." Kate O'Donnell Biscuit Barrel Did you know that The Hungry Little Caterpillar was first published in 1969? Celebrate his 50th birthday with this cute air- tight biscuit barrel. Size: 20cm high. Handpicked because: Very pretty - just keep the lid on to keep out hungry little people. £ 19.95 - 60146- 1 Rocking Glasses - Set of 4 Our rocking glasses redefine getting tipsy. Their curvaceous bottoms help the contents roll around to release the bouquet, or simply keep the drinker on his or her toes. You could also use these as they do Stateside, in New York's MoMA café, to serve puddings. Set of four. Volume: 30cl. Handpicked because: Puts the fun firmly into functional. £ 14.95 - 40161- 1 3 Homemade: Gorgeous Things to Make with Love By Ros Badger and Elspeth Thompson This feelgood tome celebrates 100 ways to enjoy domestic bliss, with everything from gorgeous designs for birthday cards, to fool­proof raspberry jam. And homemade doesn't mean homespun - all the ideas are chic or pretty, as well as practical. Handpicked because: Makes thrifty fabulous. £ 20.00 - 30200- 1 NEW NEW Love & Home Cushions Choose Love or Home - they look great as a pair nestled on the sofa. Removable cotton cover. Size: 25cm x 50cm. Handpicked because: Vintage, homespun chic - very Kirsty's Homemade House. Love Cushion £ 29.95 - 30181- 2 Home Cushion £ 29.95 - 30181- 1 NEW

FREE UK delivery on orders over £ 75: 0845 602 3578 Kitchen wonders " Keeps lunch guests on their toes - or heads!" Joe Murray Fruit Loop Unlike conventional fruit bowls, this keeps air circulating to prevent soggy surprises. Designed by an Anglo- Swiss partnership based in London's iconic OXO Tower. Chrome- plated steel. Size: 14cm high x 26cm diameter. Handpicked because: Easy access to your five a day. £ 24.95 - 82004- 1 Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Board Each board has a different colour and symbol so you can see at a glance whether you should use it for vegetables, fish, raw meat or cooked food. Dishwasher safe polypropylene. Size: 33cm x 24cm x 8cm. Handpicked because: Hygiene and style combined. £ 38.95 - 82013- 1 Joseph Joseph Nest The ultimate collection of kitchenware in of- the- moment acid brights. The Nest includes all the essentials which fit snugly together in the space of a mixing bowl. . 1/ 4 Cup/ 60ml . 1/ 3 Cup/ 85ml . 1/ 2 Cup/ 250ml . 1 Cup/ 250ml . Sieve 1.65L . Colander 3L . Small mixing bowl with measurements 0.5L . Large non- slip mixing bowl 4.5L Handpicked because: Ideal for all nest makers, especially those with small kitchens. £ 34.95 - 85023- 1 4 Oil & Vinegar " Glasses" Look a little closer. This pair of wine glasses is actually two cruets. They're the work of Dutch designers tsu. R, who deconstruct familiar items, with witty and practical results. Set of 2. Glass. Includes funnel and cleaning brush. Handpicked because: Quirky talking point for the lunch table. £ 25.95 - 85022- 1 NEW NEW