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Even in markets where money seems to be in endless supply, there is always competitive pressure, as Alan Swaby learns from a Middle East service provider Electro Saudi Services cleaning services. Consequently, the work force has a wide range of skills, from engineers through all the conceivable trades down to the non- skilled. The company is in the business of responding. Although Pringle was taken aback when asked to manage a playschool operating to an English curriculum and offi cially regulated by Ofsted, in reality it was just one more string to the company's extensive bow. " All of us are constantly looking where we can take over more of the client's responsibilities," says Pringle. " One of my biggest roles is to change one- off customers into long-term clients." Servicing luxury accommodation compounds is Electro's strongest market segment. " For a compound," explains Pringle, " think of a village of anything from 100 to 1,000 residential units. Whatever a village needs- water, energy, postal services, cleaning and maintenance- so does a compound, and it's our responsibility to provide and manage it. We are certainly one of the largest suppliers in this sector and, to my knowledge, one of only two companies in the July09 www. bus- ex. com 85 Compound interests I f you're living or working in Saudi Arabia and need to change a light bulb, what do you do? Many Western companies trading there or private individuals too busy to take care of the little inconveniences themselves call in Electro Saudi Services, an operations and maintenance service provider that keeps the wheels of this oil- rich kingdom turning smoothly. Electro Saudi Services, as its name suggests, began life as a joint Electrolux/ Saudi partnership, formed over 30 years ago as an operations and maintenance company. Eventually the scope of work widened and the company became an entirely Saudi- owned organisation, though manned largely by senior managers from the West. Swedish managing director Rolf Thornqvist has led the company through these changes since 1986, while operations manager David Pringle is British. The work undertaken varies from the mundane to the exotic, from taking the rubbish out to maintaining waste disposal plants and complex integrated security systems. The work falls into one of four categories: operations & maintenance [ O& M], facilities management, general domestic services and