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Pages 4- 11 Timber Mantel Selection Designs Mandalay, Arizona, Abbey, Osprey, Chicago, Valencia, Carlisle, Merlin, Kansas, Condor Pages 12- 27 Classic and Contemporary Marble Fireplace Designs Designs Dorset, Caterina, Heathfield, Cristina, Ascot, Banbury, Florence, Audley, New Galaxy, Felstead, Windsor, Cotswold, Juliet, Marlborough, Mirabelle, Stockton, Stanstead, Chepstow, Rebecca, Bergen, Tenby, Capri, Skye, Winchester Pages 28- 34 Solid Limestone Fireplaces Designs Wexford, Chepstow, Cheltenham, Minstral, Wincanton, Phillipe, Eclipse, Tudor, Fontwell, Arlington , Edwardian, Aintree Page 35 Specifications contents fireplaces with wooden mantels classic designs for modern living classic and contemporary marble fireplace designs solid limestone fireplaces Pages 4- 11 Pages12- 27 Pages 28- 34 . fireplaces to love

mandalay Illustrated in Solid Timber Natural Oak* Interior: Bianca Beige - Micro- grained Marble with Ogee edge slips to suit Hearth: Epsilon Shape - Ogee Edge All timber mantels in this catalogue are suitable for standard interiors. Here ten mantels are presented with a selection of standard and alternative interiors in a selection of marble and granites. The hearths can either be shaped or varied in size to suit the mantel. fireplaces with wooden mantels * all our mantels are available in Solid Timber to order ( although not illustrated), the Mandalay is only available in Solid Timber