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Prime Product Manufacturing aimed at marketing to brands that are intending to expand their operations into South Africa. Prime Product Manufacturing has the capacity and resources for a full range of services, from single contracts to full- service operations. It is able to manufacture liquids, gels, creams, lotions and powders in batch sizes from 50 kilograms to 7,000 kilograms. All products can then be further processed on one or more of its 16 filling lines, which can handle most packaging formats, including hot- fill. Four lines are devoted to tubes; three to bottles; two to jars; two more to lip balm and kits; and one each to talcum powder and perfume. It also has a dedicated aerosol container filling line. The production areas feature positive pressure with regulated temperature and humidity. Water is processed through a de- ionising plant with ozone purification, to ensure the water quality required for cosmetics manufacturing. But a business needs people in order to operate- the right people, in the right places, with the right skills. Prime Product Manufacturing talks about having people ' on the bus' and ' in the right seats'. " We have over 150 people working on the production line and around 15 highly- skilled personnel working on Some of the brands include Everysun, Tropitone, Gallia, Like Silk and Lip Ice. The workforce has grown to over 200 people, with an annual turnover of around R75 million. " Prime Product Manufacturing is the third- biggest company in our sector in South Africa," says Schutte. " We are happy to be more specialised than our larger competitors. We don't want to be the biggest; we don't chase turnover for its own sake. We want to pursue our core values and core purpose, profitably." Not that the company turns away from expansion and growth. " We are looking to double in size over the next few years. Compared with the other majors, we are small but we like to think we are respected for what we do and how we do it." The company follows Good Manufacturing Practice ( GMP) standards and has US FDA ( Food & Drug Agency) approved manufacturing facilities. It has now embarked on the process towards ISO 9000: 2000 accreditation. " We are also seeking MCC compliance for our new pharmaceutical facility," Schutte adds. While challenging, these quality accreditations are, of course, essential for an organisation that is seeking to expand into international markets, as well as increasing its footprint in its domestic arena. It has an office in California but it is early days, as yet- it is a representative facility, January 10 www. bus- ex. com 51

52 www. bus- ex. com January 10